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GUILD RULES [updated] Empty GUILD RULES [updated]

Post  Kitty Puff on Fri May 10, 2013 2:40 am

Here is a list of rules for Crusaders of Tarnished Coast [COTC]:

1. This is meant to be a drama free zone: we are thereby seeking members that will leave the drama at the door; we are looking for people who want to have fun with others/friends, make new friends, and like to have a good time playing.

2. Please do not start any trouble. By following this practice, there will not be trouble for you to deal with either.

3. Treat fellow guildies, and their friends with respect as well as the Guild Wars 2 community as a whole.

4. Please represent (rep) COTC when you can. This helps to create a community within the guild. You are only required to represent the guild if running events, dungeons, or leveling with one or more guildies. If you are on a run with someone who is in the guild but not repping, please let an under marshal or above know.

5. If you are unable to represent us at all then we ask that you please leave the guild. If you can represent us some later you will be welcome back.

6. If you are not going to be online for a while and want to remain in COTC please let a member of the leadership of the guild know or post on the forums vacation thread.

7. Do not complain about the guild unless you are willing to help make changes to improve the guild as you will be asked to do so when you complain.

8. When joining COTC, you are joining laid back and fun community of people who love to play GW2 and often also play other games. As such you are more than welcome to build connections with like minded guildies who play other games you enjoy as well.

9. Consider expanded your fun by joining us in Raidcall (even if you only listen); raidcall is a great free tool to use for help, chatting, runs etc. You can download for free at and enter our chat channel number 5006374 into the search bar. You can also use our channel with friends when you are playing in other games. Please be respectful via voice as you should in game and anywhere else.

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